About Us

Taxido acts as booking agent for taxis and minicabs and in some countries acts as a private hire operator. Taxido is a quick and very affordable e-ride taxi booking agent app for ordering rides, local taxis and car rentals that are fast, reliable, confidential and safe either day or night. Wherever you are, whatsoever you are doing, you can rely on our drivers to get you from point A To B comfortably, securely and conveniently. Pay for rides easily with cash or through your phone. 

This Is How You Use Taxido App
1. Open the app and tell us where you want to go

2. Book your taxi or minicab 

3. Confirm your location and order your car 

4. You will see the driver’s picture and vehicle details

5. Track your drivers arrival on the map

6. Once the driver arrives confirm with your App that it’s the right person and vehicle

7. Payment can be made in Cash and Phone or via credit/debit card (Selected Cities Only)

8. After your ride please rate your Driver and your Experience to help us to improve our services.

Taxido App Features Include :

Locates your exact pick up point (great when you aren’t sure of your current location)

Enables you to verify the driver and vehicle before you get on with your journey.

If you want to move from point A to B then get our most affordable Taxido S – it’s cheap and very affordable; our fleet of nice economy cars to help navigate your city.

Need more room and more groove? Then Get Taxido M, our medium range of cars with more room and comfort.

Got more luggage? Taxido XL will make sure that your travel to or from the airport is much more enjoyable through our spacious estate cars.

Travelling in class, for business or special occasion? Our Taxido E-Class will provide you with the vehicle that you need to help you make that impression and statement. Our E-Class vehicles range from Mercedes Benz to BMW’s and other high-end makes.

If you prefer to drive yourself then Taxido rentals connects you to affordable and reliable car and high-end vehicles in your city and town with drop off and pick up points.

Taxido is the New  leading  E-ride taxi booking agent platform, connecting millions of  passengers and reliable drivers around the world to make travel easier, quicker and more reliable. Taxido’s easy efficient and tech-enabled business model benefits both drivers who have to pay a smaller commission as well as passengers who end up paying less for their ride.

Taxido launched in 2018.It’s one of the fastest-growing e-ride hailing platform empowering local business partners for the benefit of the local people championing social entrepreneurship. 

Taxido family is projected to grow to more than 7.5million users in more than 20 countries globally. within 2 years . Thank You For Making this dream come into reality . WELCOME TO THE FAMILY FOR WE ARE ONE !!!!!

Are You A social entrepreneur

We are looking for local businesses who are interested to be our Exclusive Agency in their respective countries Or Cities. We seek those with vision to build a business on a long term basis and with a passion to succeed.

What we are offering :

Amazing App: Our app has built with scalability technology to fit with any kind of market and size in the world.

The app has the features which can be instantly turned on or off directly from server or backend for any customized car/bike market to comply with the local market context throughout the globe.

Commitment: We provide training to your team in the use of the App and the recruitment of Drivers and all functions of the platform. You will have free access to the Admin Panel to see all activities related to your territory.  On top of this, you will be supported with our Global office with regular inspection visits.

Revenue Share: We share the revenues we receive from the drivers transactions. This has been proven to be a very profitable business with high return depending on the potential of your city/country market.

Exclusivity: We appoint only one Agency per city or country, based on the agreement. Should you have an interest to be part of our success, you will let us know and we will analyze your case and see how we can work together for our long term investment.

Brand Name: We keep one brand name and image of our app in all markets which bring more opportunities and benefits for all of our Exclusive Agencies

Quick Set up: The set-up time is very short. Our business model is fast, easy and relevant

For more information, you can catch us on :  

Mail : taxidoltd@gmail.com   

WhatsApp:  +447981195055

Skype : taxido101